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People have this way of knowing everything
They take one short look and then move on
If you ever wanted anything
Then you have to disagree.
Make some time with the fire's coals
Who really knows if it isn't coal?
I am hardly shcoked to learn it's everywhere
I read two short words and then passed out.
If you ever needed anything
It's got to be more we can see
Like a silver glow after sleepless nights
In the melting dark with the losing light
Making shapes with the praying eyes
Don't ever be that terrified.
Remember when we closed our eyes behind hotels
You spoke three short word and then went down
And if you ever needed anyone
All that's left is to agree
Til the meadow shakes and the tall grass hums
Til the first light breaks and morning comes
There's no way around that you're getting down
We can take everything we've found
There's no way we can lose
When we're proving simple proofs
It's the best thing we can do
While the light is coming through

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