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look out
there is danger even in the simple word hello
hiding in the reeds
you would not believe where darkness goes

is the warmth of eyes that leaves us lying in defeat
from the tallest trees
it's still too hard to see
where darkness goes

tell me
tell me there's going to be time left
tell me i'm stupid and i don't have to worry
with the green eyes
the green that comes from reflection
the blankets that do so well to protect us
it's made up
the requests have all been effected
with distortion and a hiss that's not undetected
and the greenness
it comes from a window
or a picture or a movie i've never been into

try to pull the color from the corners we don't know
when light is not implied
there's no way to decide
what's right or wrong

tell me
tell me there's time left
it's not worth it
worth it to worry
the green eyes
the green from reflection
the blankets there to protect us
it's been made up
the requests are effected
with distortion and hiss is undetected
and the greenness
comes from a window
or a movie i've never been into
and you go in
go cause you have to
with the lights dim
credits start rolling
the action though it's before us
we look sideways and act like it's boring tonight

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