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Zenmaines - text


Nothing is what it seems
The only time i'm living is inside my dreams
consciousness, losing grasp of it
Dweling on the past that barely seems to exist
Hopeless, and all alone
Is all you'll ever be
You can try your best but you wont take this from me

Can you replace the memories,
That were taken from me
How can I keep my head high
With a clouded mind

Thoughts are what pull the trigger
When things are left unsaid
Im done trying my best if you're just trying to shoot me dead
How can I keep my head high with a clouded mind

If we can emphasize the lies you have made
(You made)
Than we could eradicate all of the mistakes

Manifest in what you call success
You are nothing like the rest
Ill follow my heart and the whisper it said
Im done with all of these regrets

No regrets

Stop hiding in the shadows of what you once were
And its the things you took for granted
That I was praying for

Can you replace the memories
That were taken from me
How can i keep my head high
With a clouded mind

Please don't tell me lies
Take a good look inside my eyes
Tell me what you see
Nothing here is what it seems

Text přidala TheCreepyCZ

Video přidala TheCreepyCZ

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