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Alligators snap at your ankles
And branches snap at your brain
If I ever get through this swamp alive
I'll nevermore pray for rain
This must be the place, and still
Somehow it don't seem right
That something in the moon
Could change these endless days
To lonely nights
I take a stroll down by the sea
And walk along the pier
Then I slip and hit my head
Now's the time to fear
See the surface, see the rocks
See my past fly swiftly by
I feel the water in my lungs
And wake up screaming for my life
In my blue heaven
There's a bottle of Pontchetrain
Chalmette by moonlight
To take away the pain
Card sharks and blue harps
And dolphins who can leap
In my Blue Heaven
Where I can laugh
And I can weep
Black shapes zip into corners
The big lads start to crawl
To holes of their own making
In the cracks within the wall
Snakes and rats and spiders
I know that they're still there
I pray to God that I may sleep
Without a hope, without a care
In my blue heaven...
Felines and sea lions
And rain on the beach
In my Blue Heaven
With angels who are out of reach
In my blue heaven...
Nightingales sing
And the bells they will ring
In my Blue Heaven
The Bells of Hell
Go ding-a-ling-a-ling

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