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There used to be home
A fair deal of some sort
Absolute world, a secure world

The cub now feels strong
He escapes to see the storms
Absolute world, now a bleak world

Without Roots, without shelters
No fears but the fear of freedom's void
Building on this air, a card castle
Built only to witness its collapse.

Without roots, without gods.
Just clear vision
A constant walk along a ledge

At last line, a dead end
Feet on dark mind
The free soul dwells in vertigo

A material legacy we left behind our steps
Lifeless, useless
Behold the absence becoming flesh

He old air inside my empty home
Dust and silence
Will feed the ghost of memories gone

A doomed attempt to say forever
In mortal men's domain
Dragging the dead weight of time
The hangman in disguise
Collecting, acquiring, storing
A dream of transcendence that expired
Collecting, acquiring, storing
A stream of debris we call life.

Text přidal DevilDan

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