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Omniscient Opponent - text


All the freedom we want
He strives to make it impossible
And as we try to see colours,
He systematically stains everything black

A vicious circle that consumes life
As time runs fast, existence spills from our hands
Relentless process that never ends
Driving us to lose control of our lives

Feel the doom, embrace the antagonism
Fake freedom is our opium and death

Failure by failure, we feel them as steps
The old opponent knows and profits from them
The healer who provides the cure
Smiles in the darkness while the disease is born

We bear everyday, the weight of the engine
A crippled system that swallows life
Paying with blood, the price of existence
And the right to live our own agony

An infant painfully learning the rules
Hope slowly fades within a young naive soul
The puppet tracing plans for his route
Becomes the old man dying alone and poor

And as we try to open our eyes
Omniscient opponent kills the light

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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