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The Shepherd guides his flock
through a holy path marked with blood
driving them to a carnage yet unknown

Procession marches to the cliff
A cliff bathed by souls
One by one lambs fall into the void

An old lie teaching for centuries
sustaining a perpetual profit of souls
Loved unconditionally until their death
Then after death, God devours his sons

Repeating the word of the lord
Blessed lambs on their way to heaven
Then they realize salvation turns into free fall
All their beliefs
Vanish as they fall
Everything turns into cold horror

A sea of the dead, known as heaven
Ruled by a beast called Father
As souls are drowned into the depths
A morbid grin is drawn on his face
For a lifetime
I was fooled into his good will
Now I'm falling
Without his fake mercy

As I'm drowning, water dissolves faith
All the answers turn into childhood fears
And I realize nobody ever supported my way
I'm astray, forgotten in this ocean...
of misery and death
I wasted life, to feed the father's vicious hunger

He never wanted
to welcome us in his reign
Used us to procreate
and nourish the make-believe fiend

Text přidal DevilDan

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