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Again it will begin
this joy I will let in
a stranger is now welcome

these sparkling lights drowning me
no boundaries to see
just unknown faces

a deafening noise perpetuates
so many voices claim
and these walls of ice rise inside me

From this place, the electric maze
is all the world I've seen,
just a movie on my screen
a thousand words, the elusive world
a landscape without soul;
so synthetic, so absurd

Lost in the endless flow
Silicon dreams remain
Reality starts to fade
Lost in the endless flow
Silicon nightmares
Everything is so unreal

So lonely in the crowd
the scream I once heard loud
Seems like a whisper now

my message lost, unheard, astray
my mind speaks by mistake
to unknown faces

No one to see, no one to touch
Nobody cared too much
When these walls of ice
grew inside me

From this place
This empty space
This only world for me
Just come here and taste how
To Exist – to disappear
To feel – or just to pretend
To love and to betray
Are such different parts
of the same game

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