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Could´ve gone mad - text


I'm so glad that you decided to come (2x)

Go ahead make yourself comfortable darlin'
I've got a proposition for you
There's a room available inside of my heart
And I hope it will be taken by you

You can bring whatever you wanna bring baby
Each and everyone of your friends
And if you want a dog or a big bullfrog
Hell, I've got room for them

'cause I'm so glad you finally decided to come

Another day and I could've gone mad
Another day and it might've gotten bad
Another day and I might have betrayed
Every scruple I have

You cause in me an impossible craving
No way that it will be denied
If I decided to make you my religion
I think God would be kind

So I made a wish on a million of her stars
And registered your name on a few
That way if you ever forget who you are
You can look up and see a picture of you

Oh, I'm so glad you finally decided to come


I have to keep a hold of myself
Is that really you or is it someone else
I swear it looks just like him
I wonder can he see what a state I'm in
Like a broken bridge
Gotta swing on him just like a jungle gym

Father: I've been inside her house
I've experienced her madness
And I rejected the entire experience

{Chorus, 2x}

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