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Back in the sixties when we were all hippies
with patched up jeans and long long hair
somebody started a crazy rumor
they were pretty sure they read somewhere
Now I can see it comin’ when people start to say
I made a bet with my best friend
you can settle it just for the record
but they don’t believe me when I tell them
Neil Young is not my brother
we hardly know each other
the DNA is in and he’s not my kin
Neil Young is not my brother
He’s got a ranch in Northern California
where the deer and the buffalo roam
I’ve never been there i hear it’s real nice
I saw a picture in Rolling Stone
Neil Young is not my brother
bad news for my mother
she could use the bucks
he’s rich as Donald Trump
but Neil Young is not my brother
You won’t find me on his Facebook page
no blogs no twitter no passes backstage
If Neil Young was my brother
we’d hang out with one another
I’d drive his electric car and play his vintage guitars
if Neil Young was my brother
Neil Young is not my brother

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