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If Your Heart Needs a Hand - text

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It's a whirlwind caught in an empty jar
It steals your breathif you fall too hard
It picks you up right off the ground
And it tears you up when it lets you down
And there's nothin' you can do
When love can be so cruel
But if your heart needs a hand
A shoulder to cry on
Someone who can understand
And catch the tears as they fall down
Girl you know where I am
If your heart needs a hand
Don't blame yourself for what went wrong
Sometimes you try but you can't hold on
There's no rule, no guarantee
That what you give you will receive
And there's nothin' you can do
Love can be so cruel
Girl I know how you're feelin'
'cause I've been there too
You don't need an invetation
I'll be here for you

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