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Say Yes - text


Yea Yea Yea Yea
No No No, No, No
Yea Yea Yea Yea
No No No, No, NO

[Verse 1]
I understand that you got a new man
But you cant say you don't think about me.
I messed up I know I had my chance,
But the feelings that I have just won't leave. WoooH
And maybe on a night when you're lonely girl,
I can bring that old thing back.
And you're dying to put it on me girl,
There's no denying that.

So can I get one more chance to hear you just say yes,
(yeeesss, yeeess)
Cause if I rap my arms around you I promise I won't let go (I won't let go)
Im tellin you I know nobody, aint gone know yo body, like I know yo body
Imma make it special,
A night you'll never forget yeeeahhh (Baby I'll just wait for you to say yes)

I know that you don't like to sneek around
Relationships are built upon trust.
Yea you got a man that holds you down
But he aint gotta know about us.
If you ever feeling freaky girl,
You know my number aint gonna change.
I'll lay yo body nice and easy girl
My stroke is still the same.

Girl I can't resist your pretty round round round
drivn me so damn well
You can't front like, you don't want what I've got here in store Yeeeahhhhh

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