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You hang around the streets of the town
You look at the sky you look for a sense of
your life
Everything around you is grey
You know that your fate is somewhere else
Just somewhere else

And you're ready for fighting
Back to the wall, face your destiny
You'll have to be strong and proud to win

Shout it out, to follow your way
Shout it out, just to remain free
Let anybody take control of your mind
Shout it out, to become stronger
Shout it out, just to be better
Don't forget your future now belongs to you
Don't waver, shout it out

You'll have to beat you to exist
To become somebody and find a place, just a
right place
You know nothing will save you
In this world, life's not a fairy tale
Nothing's easy

Go away, have no regrets
Run away and don't look back
Happiness is somewhere else
You know here there're only cries
If you dream 'bout another life

Far away from pain and lies
Far away from desolation
In this town all is grey
If you look for satisfaction
Don't waver shout it out

Let anybody take control of your mind
Now it's time to fight to keep your
dreams alive
Shout it out

Text přidala PaulieC

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