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No more me, No more you - text


We were young and pretty wild
You were mine until the end of time
Never wanted to let you go, oh baby I need
you so
We were living in our dreams
We were living all our sing
Riding high our way of life
never wanted to coming back

Forget my pride
And all the lies you told me
I'm here and back for more
I need you now like no one else before
Baby give us just one more chance
Just one Just once again

But there is no more me and no more you
And you don't care
There won't be another day for us
But no one seems to share
All I need is one nite again alone with you
But there is no more me and no more you
But no one seems to share,
No one seems to care

I remember all the past
When we were two child in love
Can't forget that our love
Was really hard and broke my heart
When I hold you in my arms
And I kissed you all the time
When we were alone at night, you were so
pretty fine

Text přidala PaulieC

Video přidala PaulieC

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