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I just want you back in my life
Now I know I was so wrong right from the
There's no more heaven, no more sky right
by my side
But I'll never give up, oh no, without a fight

If only I could reach the stars
And see some love just in your eyes
Gimme one more chance to love you and
one more dance I beg you

Give me all you've got
Give me all I need
Give me everything you have inside for me
All I want is you
I just wanna die for you
My Melody, my sweet Melody

I try to keep this smile on my face
My life is gone and maybe all's said and

I'm missing your whispers and the touch
of your perfect skin
I'm missing your love and missing the
reason to be

I promise you my love
I promise you my life
I promise you everything tonite
Everything tonite

Text přidala PaulieC

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