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I couldn't live without you - text


I never can believe, that our love is
gone forever
Can't you feel the pain inside my heart
When we walked hand in hand, life
looked like paradise
Felt so good, the heat of your body
made me fool

You were my shinning star into the
You were as sun at night, you're my
I can't believe that you're able to leave

I know sometimes destiny can be cruel
You know that I have never lied to you
And I stay alone with my sorrow and
my broken heart, into the night

You know that I couldn't live without
I shall cross the oceans, I'll give my life
for you
Baby you're gone, can't believe bit it's
If you're back my love will be stronger
I'll set your heart on fire

I must resign myself, to live without
your love
Far from your arms, I know that I'll take
another way
Tomorrow I will leave, lonely, far from
this town

From the sunrise, I'll leave all my
memories behind
Forget my shinning star into the night
You'll not be anymore my light in the dark
I can follow my way alone but free

Even if sometimes destiny can be cruel
Even if sometimes life drives you fool
I'm going to forget my sorrow, so far from
pain, I'll break the fate

Text přidala PaulieC

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