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Walkin' alone on the avenue
Searchin' new love for my nites,
now she's gone
I wanna get higher 'till tomorrow comrs

Walk on the street, no more lookin' back
Could be the end of this painful
broken heart
Tonite we'll share this sleepless nite

More you need, more you get
More you want from me it's ok
Straight to hell, the only way
I'm gonna be someone for you
I'm gonna be the one for you

Do you wanna, wanna dance
Dance with devil with me
I wanna feel your body
Shades in the nite around me

Nasty habits are hunting me
The gunshot kids are out
for having fun
There's nothing new under the sun

Pleasure addiction is on my mind
Over the edge of what is right or wrong
Deep attraction is in your eyes

Text přidala PaulieC

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