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On Charley Patton highway
The mist, the rain, the mud
Somewhere east of Tunica
I'm close to giving up
The car goes round in circles
The road remains the same
For help and consolation
I'll turn it on again
Turn it up
Turn it up
Alone with disconnection
And not a lonesome word
I reach out to the radio
And the clinically disturbed
"Give it up," the man says
Surrender and be saved
He'll drive away your demons
His help is on the way
Turn it up
Oh turn it up!
Ahhhhh, ahhhhh...
I'm lost inside America
I'm turning inside out
I'm turning into someone else
I heard so much about
I'm blinded by the neon
The righteous and the might
I'm stuck inside the radio
Turn it on and let me out
A touch of serendipity
A little stroke of luck
The radio inside this car
Brings guidance from above
The smallest contribution
Will keep me in safe hands
I'm calling 1-800
I ain't leaving it to chance
Turn it up
Turn it up
Ahhhhh, ahhhhh...

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