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[Alessandro Del Vecchio]

I thought I had to live in pain crying tears in the rain
Lonely without a friend to call and my happiness to rise and fall

I always dreamed of a life of joy
But sometimes love comes to destroy
I always wanted a life like in heaven
But I found myself in hell

But now that you are in my life
I found the strength to follow my heart

Never too late to fall in love
Never too late to rise again
I believe in you and I
I believe in love
You're my shelter from the storm
I'm your shoulder to cry upon
Here's the future in our hands
For us to believe in love again

Every night I hear your call.
Is it you that grabs my soul?
Can't live without your hand in mine
That's the power of your love divine

I always fought for a path of life
I never looked for a last goodbye
Now I walk with you by my side
Our emotion will be our guide

I long for you touch,
Like a flower needs the rain.

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