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Removal of Dead Limbs as the blade is piercing through dead flesh
A savage strike is made the heart is ripped from this cold corpse
Maggot covered skulls laid within a pool of blood
A warning from the natives sign to tell you of their hell.
Deserted on the island you have nowhere hide
Men begin to disappear deep into the night
Daylight breaks you hunt the dead and find them inside out,
Organs missing blood is dripping Flesh is ripped and torn
Cannibal Attack
You are caught within the traps the flesh eaters come quick
Devoured is the entrapped man without thought guts are spilled
Your caught but yet you struggle as the hunters track you just like meat
A sudden growl from the altered one strikes fear in the killers
Strapped down to the doctors table suction of the blood
Silenced are your screams for help your voice has been removed
Burning buzzsaw cuts your skull taken is your brain
transplanted to another head and brought straight back to life.
Cannibal Attack
Inside the Hut, A butchers shop of human flesh and bones
Awaiting re-inacment to reign havoc on the land
Bodies strung up on the walls fresh meat for the grind
Bodies which before died but now are back alive
Laid down to be sacrificed on this table made from stone
In this holy temple the fate has been bestowed
The doctor is betrayed as the cannibals attack
The feared beast are no more trapped with in the flames
Cannibal Attack

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