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True friends always stay - text


Life ain't always easy, it's alot of ups & downs.
You thought you had control, but you crashed into the ground.
Yesterday is just a fading memory of a better day.
Familiar faces turn their backs, when true friends always stay.

You fumbled in the dark, frustrated to the bone.
When you had finally reached the light, you knew you weren't alone.
Your journey back was long & hard, & you went on your own way.
But I never ever left your side, cause true friends always stay.

This song is all about brotherhood, sacrifice and sanity.
Family isn't all about blood, but respect and loyalty.
This song is to all of you who always stand by our side.
Your support is our strength, so I sing this song with pride.

Everybody needs an idol, someone special to adore.
Role models like Ian Stuart, Johnny Cash or Bobby Moore.
I have so many heroes, and now I raise my glass for you.
You're my source of inspiration, hail the Pitbullfarm Crew.

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