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Stupid Drinking Song - text

Yesterday I was in pub at O'Connors Bar
Was drinking lot of beer and whiskey from a jar
Was dancing with ladies and fighting with boys
And then we sang this stupid song, let's hear our voice!
Young redhead Katie, come dance with me
I wanna be your lover and I always wish to be
But her husband heard me and there was another fight
And then we sang this stupid song for all damn night!
When night was almost over, came my brother Jim
He just said good afternoon and then I drank with him
We were dancing with ladies and drinking with boys
And then we sang this stupid song, let's make some noise!
If you are like me - poor godless punk
Never be sober, always be drunk
Always without money, just for a swill
For the last time sing this song with me and then I'll never will!

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