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I've seen million of ports and I've sailed million of seas
I've drank in million of pubs and smell ten milion kinds of breeze
All of places that I've seen were so beautiful for me
But the best of all the world is my small sweet country
I can drink in Dublin, I can drink in New York
I can drink in Copengahen or in Cork
Even if I'm far away from home I never forget who I am
I never forget about my country, I am Bohemian
The snow on tops of mountains and deep black lakes
And streams and rivers like blue threads on Bohemian maps
Deep old forests on the hills with magical strong trees
My sweet Bohemia is the best of all countries
The pastures with cows, with horses and with sheep
The bees on the flowers and fish swimming in the deep
The birds in the sky, deers so charming and so wild
My sweet Bohemia has the loveliest countryside
Great squares in the cities and narrow cobbled streets
Towers, castles, temples, breweries, pubs and shops with sweets
And what about mood in streets, that's as easy as could be
The bohemian towns are right places for me

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