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You have turned to the right frequency
On your radio
Now you listen to what I say
What I say to you
Angels crashing to the ground
It's a fallout in the sky
No one knows what will happen
When it falls today
When it rains
When it rains
I switch off the light machine
Because my mission's done
I was looking for a shadow
In the city of the sun
You can see me in my capsule
It looks like a satellite
When the first drops fall on you
I will be out of sight
When it rains
When it rains
Children play and parents pray
It has always been the same
Life goes on in a certain way
Until something stops the game
Cars collide and people strike
Politicians think of suicide
The clocks stop ticking the hours away
Because the time stands still still tonight
When it rains
So let it rain

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