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Goofy's Trial - text


Will the suspect please take the stand?
Mr. Goofy, is it?
"A hyuh, yuh!"

Mr. Goofy, you are here today being charged with mass homicide--
And you lawyer is here, present? Am I correct?
Yes, I'm his lawyer, Joe Rosenberg, I'll be representing him here today in court
Now from what I see here there is strong evidence supporting the mass shooting, it looks like here, you were caught in broad daylight on CCTV (of course) holding an AR-7
So you're admitting that the man in this footage is you, correct?
"Huh huh, yuh!"
So you do admit that this very same footage, right here, from the very same CCTV of you massacring a public Elementary School is you as well?
"A-hyuh hyuh hyuh gorsh!"
Is that a yes?
"A-hyuh hyuh!"
Can I get a yes, Mr. Goofy?
I object, my client has done nothing wrong
He killed 27 children and crippled 5!
He's clinically insane, Your Honor, he's crazy!
Mr. Goofy, this is not a laughing matter
I told you, he's insane. His wife miscarried
Mr. Goofy, what do you have to say for yourself?
"A-hee hyuh guilty!"
Your Honor, my client would like to plead Insanity
"A-hyuh hyuh nope!"
Wait-wait hold on, Mr. Goofy you are saying that you were conscious?
You were conscious and aware of your actions, is that correct?
"Hah hah, eyup!"
Goofy! Goofy what are you, what the fuck are you doing?
"Hyuh hyuh, gorsh I did it!"
Mr. Rosenberg, looks like your client has decided to come clean...
Holy fucking shit. Your Honor, I would like to call for a Recess I would like to talk to my client in private
(Sigh) Fine. You have five minutes
Thank you, Your Honor
You have five minutes
Thank you, Your Honor
Goofy, Goofy get the fuck over here!
"E-Hyuh hyah hah I did it!"
Goofy, come here, Goofy Goofy, come here, listen to me. Alright, Goofy, Goofy, you're on thin ice right now. You're on thin ice buddy, come on. Shape up
"I did it!"
Yeah, yeah I know you did it, yeah, we all know you fuckin' did it, okay? But we can get you off! We can get you off
"E-hyah I'm a murderer!"
We all know you're guilty. Look, Goofy, I'm Mickey's best lawyer, okay? He wanted me on this case because he cares about you
"I'll fuckin' do it again!"
Okay, Goofy, do you want to go to jail?
Do you want to go to a psychiatric ward?
No? Then you say that you're not guilty. You didn't do it
"But I did!"
Yeah, I know you fuckin' did it but just say that you didn't!
"A-hyuh hyuh g-gorsh!"
Okay Goofy, you gotta take this seriously. You killed 27 children, okay and we all know that, we all know that but I can get you out of this! Do you know how much money Mickey put on the line for this? Do you know how much money he's paying? He's doing this just for you, because he cares about you! If not for me, do this for Mickey!
I don't care about losing the case, just do it for Mickey!
"Hah hah okay!"
"Hah hah, MURDER!"
Goofy, shut the fuck up! Why?
"Hah hiay hah, I love murder"
"The demons told me to!"
Goofy, fuck! Shut the fuck up! Goofy!
"Dying children"

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