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I love animals, especially when they're dead
So get it embedded up in your head cause I'm headed to the Red Cross
I'm snapping dogs necks like it's a hobby of mine
Cause I'm rapping like a turban when I'm snapping this cat's spine
I love hitting deer and making these hounds fight
To you they might be screaming, but to me it just sounds like
If PETA begs me to stop
Like my cock was lodged down in their sensitive spot
And I rocked these polka dot furs from dogs that I killed
Along with ten other dogs, Green Peace ain't thrilled
Cause on my way to work
I try to hit as many squirrels and deer as I can
Endangered species are like harder targets
They greet me by my first name in the black markets
With fresh carcass, shredding like guitar picks
Yo, I’m known for killing raccoons, and baboons, and kangaroos
For a thousand smacaroons
And the Chinese butcher
Cook it well with more Ash than Kutcher
If you find your dead pet in the yard you can bet it’s me Mr. Poultry
Chopping down the tall trees
Feed it pellets, I ain't talking about the Pedigree
Ha, you just made an enemy
Here try giraffe, it's cooked and tastes heavenly
The only good animal is the live stock
So sit back with me and watch these felines rot
Killing animals is great, fuck the rules
If you're scared of the wild just grab the right tools
Shoot the fucking birds out of the sky and they're singing
We falling yeah, we falling yeah
We falling yeah
We falling yeah
Huh, just watch them fall, huh
I got these birds screaming like angels
When they fall out the sky they looking mad grateful
Grab your shotguns and grab your rifles
Have these birds looking sleepy like NyQuil
We falling yeah, we falling yeah
We falling yeah
We falling yeah
You do realize this is a song about killing animals
Oh, let him rap about what he wants, he's just a boy

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