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Lap Dance - text

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rotatin my hips you like the way i do it lick my lips sit down
don't make a sound imma put my legs over ya lap bounce up
and down got you thinkin can i beat that wait let me take off
my shirt i rocks A cups you stickin up ready to erupt it was all a
dream straight up now you a nilla fiend
attention sit back and enjoy this chick merry goes round my
body goes tick pop goes the azz nxgga thats fo sho i gets down
look back and come up real slow you wishing she could the way i
dance i can feel your jimmy pokin out my leggins I-I reesie do it
for ya have you feelin so good have you bustin on ya-
so you wanna lap dance??
so you wanna lap dance??
so you wanna lap dance??
so you wanna lap dance!??
so you wanna lap dance, yea i put in work!
so you wanna lap dance, yea i make it hurt!
so you wanna lap dance, yea i make it jerk!
so you wanna lap dance, take off yo shirt!
uh, take off yo shirt!
take off yo shirt!
take off yo shirt!
take off yo shirt!
[cammy b]
so you a big guy now? sit down and don't move me cammy b,
now let me take you ta school feel the sensation going down real
slow surprise you, huh? thinkin its a strip show watch me do it
wit no hands and rotate real good this ya best lap dance real g
should time to sit on ya lap stickin up like what turn around
and bend down i got u throwin up ya hood
so i hear, daddy wanna lap dance i see you already real hard
in ya pants tell em grab a chair so i could sit on ya lap turn my
back to face you and make my donk clap you like the way i move
my body from left to right whisper in my ear "mocha come wit
me tonight" he love it when i do it hips up face down got that
nxgga speechless he not makin a sound
ohh yea we ready rock my hips im holdin this and the beat is
steady on time when we grind you can't believe you met me
now lay down and hear the sound baby come and get me wet
like hot sex i moan so grown and sexy he said he'll eat it on the
ground if you let me he's a man about it even while the song's
playin shirts rippin tables breakin and my legs are shakin..

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