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Vagrant Of The Night - text


Though the seasons come and pass
All the memories still last
And her desperation
Lead her to the boulevard

She searched only to find
There will be no peace of mind
And the life that she lives had no meaning

She smiles, she smiles
But all I see
Are the tears, they're pouring down on me
Her ever despise
Her skin so light
Such a forsaken spirit,
A vagrant of the night

So she walks along the land
Where the ocean meets the sand
Her resolution was decided long ago

There's nothing left to gain
From the heartache and the pain
But she can't stop now
And no one here can deliver her

Nobody hears her lonely cries
From the womb into the tomb
Her fortune lies
A sacrifice of blood will
Lead her to her destiny
A certain last goodbye

The heartache and the pain...
Ain't no love in those eyes
Whoa, a forsaken spirit,
A vagrant of the night...

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