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Unite And Divide - text


The voices sounding as they march along
Anticipation in the air
Beneath the trenches we disguise ourselves
'Cause there's no one to fight
Chasing darkness through the night

Shadows don't glow

The chanting sound it makes your blood run cold
Enter the madman once again
Preserving the utmost sincerity
As he hides us from the truth
From the old and from the youth

Living under the sun
Do we recognize the spirits that guide us?
Through the years we will fly
Do we know that our chances are passing us by?

Unite and divine
The shame and the pride
When everything's so black and white
United, we divine

We're not the center of the universe
No reasoning can challenge this
I believe, you believe, we believe in certainty
But the shadows we pursue
Distract them from me and you

When the change has begun
And your will has been done
Rest your anger and accept the stranger
We unite and divine...

Text přidala WhiteCorco

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