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Hunting Of A Song - text

In a midnight rain
When all the stars fell down
There came young strong man
This night – it was time for his hunt
Hundred miles away
He thought of his beautiful wife
And with memories of his son
He hold up his saex knife

Raindrops above high-born trees
sounded like battle drum
He has just heard his enemies…
Their sound, their sound, their sound

He just wanted to go and
To shut up the song of his pray
To kill these howling beasts
To get them from this world away
Then he started to run
And after little while
His heart began beat loud
It has slipped out of his mind

His eyes didn’t see
Anything all around
And only thing he heard
Was this terrible werewolf’s song

Time ran out of him
Many hours passed by
Then he saw them both
Howling in moonlight

After bloody dance
Hunter looked at his pray
She-wolf and her young
Won’t see the day again
But then the sunrise came
And light amongst raindrops
And while it touched werewolves
Wolf’s look became lost

Sky couldn’t stop crying
And all the world calmed down
Man’s face was marked by blood of his wife
And his knife was in his son

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