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I Cant Do This Anymore - text



What sense it is for you?
Spending time with me
Hanging out with him
Nobody cant be happy with you!
Throw away all our memories
You behave like nothing happened
I change my mind over all bitches

My tracks coming straight from railroad of the final station
Of this fucking nation or from the best parts of this!
Like ink in my heart you're staying in my life
But now I see it all and must live with all
With scars on chest I feel real life
I do no regret pieces of my time
FOR YOU!!!!!

I can see right through you
I can see it's all a lie
You can see right through me
You can see it is my life
You are not the first
You will stay the last

I will come on your funeral couse´ I love you
But just you decide how much roses you get
I wish you dozen not only cause´ its politely
But all depends by how you'll behave on me!!!

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