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Incurable - text


The doctors shake their heads
They chain around the bed
They're looking for a reason to why
I'm still not dead
The medicine's not working
I haven't sleep for days
The light is shone right through me
The skeleton is weighed
Incurable, I'm helpless - the mind and body weak
I have so much to tell you but I can't seem to speak
Incurable, I'm lonely
The city empties out
I live inside the shadow - the shadow of a doubt
The cannons fire across me
I cannot make the trial
The seasons crash around me
The bones are in denial
My temper is a tower
The church will not provide
You closed the drawer upon me
I am unclassified
The romance of the season is wasted on the weak
I stayed in bed through snowfall
I tried to get some sleep
Invisible and broken
The spirit has moved out
Words that were unspoken, I cannot live without
A strange light beckons me this way
A strange life beckons me this way

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