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What I Like - text


Let me know its real
Baby you might be the one
I'm tryna make you feel
Like you feel the type of love
The love you've never felt
The love you've never had
Make you smile when you're hurt
Make you laugh when you're mad
See, I can feel your love, I can feel your touch
Do you feel the same?
I can tell just by the way you're scared to love me
That your heart's been filled with pain
Baby let me lay you down, I'll make your problems go away
Let's stay in until time stops all you gotta do is stay
But let me show you what my love's like
Take away the club life
All a nigga need is one wife
I'm kinda feeling like you the one right?
Making love till the night sunlight
It's like, it feels just right to the point you wanna make me have a son, like
I mean, everybody need somebody and I'm right here
You ain't gotta' run, right?
I'm addicted to your love, I'm addicted to your lips
But most of all I'm addicted to your soul
All I know is this:
See, you're more than just sex to me
Only time I feel alive, is when you're next to me
See, I'm-ma love you girl and give you all of me
Until there ain't nothing left of me

You got what I like
I'm-ma put that ring on your finger
Make you my wife, babe
See I don't mind giving you the rest of my life, babe
Cause everywhere we go, everybody knows
I can't keep it on the low, and
You got what I like, babe

Text přidala DeathWish

Video přidala DeathWish

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