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Yeah 1 - 2, Yeah 1 - 2
Mic Check, Mic Check
We On?
Well, I tried to call you the other day, but
I ain't get no answer so
I just figured I'll let this out right here
Yeah, we used to roll deep in grannies whip like we owned it
My first Mickey's you twisted it, popped it open
Two kids that never had nothing going
Not knowing what lies ahead just livin' life in the moment
Shit, we come from the same place, got the same blood
Your mother, my father, they did the same drugs
No matter what happens family is family
I'll never hate either of them dawg it's always been the same love
Listen homie you can't hate her forever
Gotta realize, that's what made us change for the better
When you was going through it, I was going through it too
No one understood me but you, we had to make it together
You showed me Dog Pound, Eazy-E, NWA
Told me "When times get tough it take the troubles away"
So many times I felt like runnin' away
Stayed strong and honestly you part of the reason I'm something today
One bedroom apartment, six people inside it
It was a million different ways for things to get violent
So we kept to ourselves, thought we'd be dead or in jail
Cause society only gave us directions to fail
Everybody got ups and downs, our surroundin' was tough
Our family was broke, never had clothes just some raggedy Chuck's
Felt like the only kids that clownin' was us
What matters is who's down for you when you down, not who's down when you up, y'know?

(After all the things we've been through, I know that we've had issues, but I would

never diss you)
Truth is I used to look up to you
But I'll never forgive you enough to fuck with you
This whole situation got me uncomfortable
But that'll never change the fact I'll always have love for you
Wrote my first rhyme, drank my first brew with you
When I was taggin' even started a crew with you
Beef with everyone who ain't cool with you
But then you turn around and say shit behind my back, man I'm through with you
What happened to us dawg, we used to be cool?
Tell everyone it was me, I say the same about you, damn
You say I changed, you sayin' I flipped the script
But everytime I'm around I try to talk and you split
Love in, Love out, that's the way it's supposed to be
You said "Never turn on family", but you turn your back on, me
Talkin' shit to my sister you overstepped it

Outta everyone I know you was the last one I expected
We used to dream of this music shit, we was only kids
We dreamed of rocking stages, we dreamed of goin' big
But what good is a dream come true, if the person you was dreaming with ain't there too
Now I can't lie and say I ain't hurt, but being close as I was again it just can't work
So if I never see you again, just know you never lost my love, you just lost you a friend, and that's real
(After all the things we've been through, I know that we've had issues, but I would never diss you)

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