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Time Will Tell (We'll Find A Way) - text


I'm everything they always said I can't be
They doubt me cause they don't understand me
This for my family, see?
I ain't forget about not one of you
Even though we far from the huxtables
Home is where I feel comfortable
But I won't be gone too long, I'm traveling light
Sometimes you on your own up in this constant battle with life
So after your night when you rest your head
Hope you have time to pray for me
Cause it could be gone in a flash
But I say that gracefully, grateful
Yeah I'm so thankful for the thing that I have
Been pushing myself so hard man I've been thinking so fast
Its like my life is moving at high speed
But I ain't slowing down simply cause that's just not me
I'm riding till the wheels fall off and the smoke in my engine
I got dreams of the world saying Phora's a legend
But for now I'm just being patient, doing what I do
Focused on the music saying me ain't nothing new
But yo this for my uncle Tom and auntie Linda
I've been away so long, least I could do is say I miss ya
Even though I ain't in the group pic, I ain't out the picture
I'm always there in spirit, I love y'all and I'm still with ya
I ain't forget ya

Ayo right now I'm just searching for myself
That's who I need to find before looking for someone else, you know?
Ayo that's probably why I'll never attach
That's probably why they leave, but when they go
They always come back, its a fact
I know she wondering where I been, what I'm doing
But I'm just making this music, listen its nothing to it
I know I slipped up a few times
Okay maybe a few times more than a few times
But still its all gonna come together and do time
Follow your dreams, cause best believe I pursue mine
You'll do fine, don't worry bout it I got faith in ya
Special place in my heart, there's no replacing ya
Follow your dreams ain't no telling where they taking ya
Making that money, but that moneys never making ya
So if you ever need me, I'm just a call away
By your side all the way
Cherish the moment it could be gone today
Yeah, I'm just a call away, by your side all the way
Cherish the moment it could be gone today

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