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Roll Witchu (feat. Dizzy Wright) - text


[Verse 1: Phora]
Yeah, baby girl I just wanna roll witchu
And if I'm feeling you, I just might smoke witchu
But at the homies studio, working right now
So I can't promise I'mma go home witchu
I got work to do, I got shit to do
Before I leave I wanna know what I is to you
What I mean to you, so can I sing to you
So get your ass up in the car, we got things to do
Things to do, tell me why I got this need for you
Talk to me, look straight through my soul
That's why I just can't be witchu
Be with you
Cause I can't get attached
Spark to my flame, but we ain't really match
Girls throw me signs that I ain't tryna catch
So when I be at the spot man I stay at the back
Like way in the back with my chucks on
Get my I don't give a fuck on
Then I hear two girls on my left saying
"Ain't that the dude that made that love song?"
Shit I don't know what his name is
He dress like a bum, shit I thought he was famous
I know he got money though, I wonder what he drives me
These girls always talking about the color of his eyes
Crazy what some fame can do for a nigga
Back then a girl like you was off limits
Asked for her number, always get the wrong digits
But all of a sudden baby girl you wanna kick it
Life's funny like that, girls tryna play me for a dummy like that
Cause everybody love you and everybody wanna be a friend
When you got a lil money like that
But guess what baby, I ain't got nothing for you

[Verse 2: Dizzy Wright]
Yo yo she used to Hilary my jazz
Back when she had uncle Phil tripping on me
Couple years passed, heard I had a lil cash
Now you right here kissing on me
Funny how it changed for me
When I wanted, I couldn't get it
And now I'm fucking around, it came to me
And now you wanna claim me and cling to me
You ain't want me from the jump when this was all a dream to me
Why you frontin?
Good pussy, can't hide that you ain't wanna ride
When a nigga had nothing
Yeah its all in disguise, don't act that surprised
You know this ain't real, we just fucking
Feeling a hundred percent like Genuwine
I don't wanna talk, I wanna get it on
Well your titties were nice and tonight is the night
You can bring your home girls for a sing along
Yeah we being ratchet, sarcastic
But she told me if I want it I could have it
But you never Chance The Rapper
Before all the Acid Rap until you seen me established
Life's funny like that
I could tell back in the day lil mama didn't want me like that
But bitches will do anything
When they think that you got a lil money like that
Well guess what baby, I don't got a damn thing for you

[Verse 3: Phora]
See I'm running my city, my niggas they got me
I know what they thinking
We used to be on the brink of robbing a bank
And want all of us on a plane to a city, we get it popping
And what I'm about to say, yo I never thought I would say
But we on right now, yeah we on right now
Aye baby you should roll up to the spot right now
To the spot right now
Aye I'mma give it you you while its hot right now
While its hot right now
Only fucking with me cause I'm on top right now
But when it all falls down
Aye where will you be, where will you go
Aye you fucking with me, but lets keep that on the low

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