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Nothing Like - text


Yo, there's nothin like a smart woman that can hold a conversation, knows how to act in public, knows how to be patient. And tells you to wait before you get up in her pants. I understand and see beneath the titties and the ass. I'm tryin to get to know you, all them lames is tryin to hit it. They always in a rush, I like to take my time with it, and just coast, see what this leads to. And when you free, let me know when I can see you. I know you got shit to handle and I respect that. Independent woman on the grind, tryin to get that. We all got setbacks, let me know if you need somethin. She in school, she tryin to be somethin. She got her head in the books. All that drama, she ain't into that. All the chicks got they head in they ass or a nigga's lap.

And she ain't got no homegirls, they all shady. It's a difference in a bitch and a lady. You feel me? And she ain't got no homegirls, they all shady. It's a difference in a bitch and a lady, in a bitch and a lady.

See most chicks out there, just lookin for the next man to pay they rent and they bills. They tell you they love you, but they don't know how love feels. They don't know what it means, they don't know what it's worth. That's why you need to learn to separate the real from the fake, and the fake from the real. There's a lot of things that folks don't know in this world, and one of them's the difference between a hoe, and a girl.

And I ain't never met a beauty like you, other girls couldn't come close, even if they tried to. See, if it was up to me, I wouldn't let you go. The choice is yours, or if you wanna stay, just let me know. And yo, we can have a little fun if you want to. We can take a little ride if you want to. Yeah, and we can play twenty-one questions. I'll tell you anything, just don't ask about my ex's. Let's leave the past behind, never go back in time. Just tell me where you want to go, put your hand in mine. Yeah, and just close your eyes and listen. Let me show you everything that you been missing. Even though, nobody's perfect, you come the closest to it. And if you tell me you down with me, I'ma hold you to it. And there's nothing like the way that she sings, too bad she only exists in my dreams.

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