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Night Owls - text


Where all my smokers at?
Light one up and take a hit
Inhale the smoke and before you blow it out
Just know that you the shit
Just know you got yourself back up
Each time you fell, everytime you slipped
Cause all I know is this, the only way you fail is if you quit
So fuck your fancy cars, cause dawg we dying out here
We just sheep in a pack of fucking wolves and lions out here
And the system got us fucked up and the media still lying out here
It's like we was born without a chance, but we still trying out here

I'm back home again, back up in my zone again
This music's all I got, these feelings inside, I just can't hold em in
So I'm back in the motherfucking lab with a pen and a pad
And my niggas, they feeling it
All my niggas is smokers dawg
I'm just high cause the room is filled with it
I'm feeling it, up on cloud 9 like I'm too real to quit
Mama raised a fucking man so all this pain, nigga I'm built for this
Yours truly taking over, you don't like it? You gon deal with it
Anthro beats is killing it, Eskupe man he's killing it
This industry's filled with pricks that tell kids to go pop pills in this
So hard to knot your anger when your entire heart's been filled with it
No mercy for the ones that called our sons niggas and childerns spicks
Fuck your code of silence, cause for way too long I've sealed my lips
I killed for you, killed for moms, I killed for the crew, I killed for this
Don't make me catch a body, I ain't devour
I will fill a clip and pull the trigger so motherfucking quick that you won't hear the click
And take your team out one by one till no one knows you still exist
Tell these haters I said fuck em, tell Fox News I said fuck em
My whole fucking city got my back, ain't backing down for nothing
Bitch I'm coming, yeah bitch I'm coming

Text přidala DeathWish

Video přidala DeathWish

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