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Just Another Day - text


The only things guaranteed in live is death, trouble, & taxes
Only way you'll succeed in life is to step up & then grab it
With everyday that passes I learn my lessons from actions that led to being mistakes
Yet I never regret my past. & I know, yeah I know some niggas envy my position
I keep hearing these rumors, but they tell me not to listen
I keep having these nightmares, but they help me write these lyrics
& it's so deep from the soul she said she felt me by a spirit
Mother, dear mother, far to many of you crying
Brother, dear brother, far to many of you dying
They tryna hold me back, but naw I'll never stop trying
To steer my people away from the ignorance & violence
I'm sick of living through the week with a frown
& I hate that it's our own people that's keeping us down
But I never let them take away my reason to smile
Death is lurking through my city, & it's creepin' around
I'm prepared for when it reaches me
So I'm studying the bible & I'm utilizing everything it teaches me
Practice what I preach, I never follow from the tv screen
They say have faith in god, but I just hope he believes in me
& I'm just looking for acceptance, jesus didn't run when everybody turned against him
Judas showed his jealousy & broke apart the friendship, betrayal, the lord will take his vengeance

I just wish my people would understand the reason why I wrote this
But you probably just like the beat & you didn't really notice
I'm trying to spill my soul out in hopes that you can feel me
I'm trying to change the world & save a life before they kill me
& I pray that I make it to my 18th birthday
Not the type to spit a bunch of metaphor's & worldplay
I speak from the heart, write about the shit that matters
To be honest, I'm not really any emcee or a rapper
I'm just a regular kid putting words over beats
& my soul is ablinded with the urge to be free
Be you, stay positive & follow your dream
Just make sure that you can trust the cats thats part of your team
Cause jealousy runs deep within the blood of a coward
& they'll say that your his brother but he's gonna turn sour
When he sees your success & progession
But just keep moving along & never question your blessings
& I ain't scared to fall. Naw, I've hit the bottom before
I remember sleeping my niggas Honda Acurd
We get sick of dealing with all the problems of course
Everytime I try to ignore, shit I thought of it more
But that's just another day I stay content with the sour
So I'll bow my head & pray for a better tomorrow
Yeah, it's just another day, I stay content with the sour
So I'll bow my head & I'll pray for a better tomorrow

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