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Yeah, well, tell me why we been so distant lately
I've been trying to take some time off just to visit baby
Wish I could spent these days with you but I've been busy lately
You say I'm crazy yeah I know we ain't too different baby
But you an angel let your wings grow Had a thing for you since Pretty Ricky was my ringtone
Made me feel lucky like triple sevens in casinos
Swear this shit the truth you ask my momma even she know (Yeah even she knows)
But you've been on my mind too much
Now I'm on the search for something I could never find in us
I was down to ride for us, even down to die for us
You was just more focus in pleasing the ones dividing us
(And I don't know why, no I don't know why, don't know why)
Yeah, sometimes it feel like the same old shit
I been tryna get away from this shit
I ain't got no patience I been tryna show the world that I was made for this shit
I ain't got no brakes in this shit
You gon say something, say something then
Don't say that you hate me again
You'll never replace me with him
I know how it works girl, yeah I know how this shit goes
We were supposed to be in love girl but I guess time really shows
Now you out getting high with your friends, I was there for your lows
Had your back through the bullshit girl don't act like you don't know know
(Cause I know you know, yeah I know you know, aye, yeah I know you know)
Hold up let me break it down one time
Tell me what you want, tell me what you need
(What you need)
Yeah you got me hooked like drugs to a fiend
(Drugs to a fiend) Stare into your eyes, I can see what you dream
(See what you dream)
Lets just take it slow girl you know what I mean
(You know what I mean)
Let me break it down I'ma make you my queen
(Make you my queen)
You want me and you don't yeah there ain't no where in between (No in between)
Showing my emotion was never my thing
(Never my thing)
No, showing my emotion was never my thing
(Never my thing)
Yeah, look, they all watching
Everyone talking, the summer's coming what's popping
Heard your last nigga you dropped him
Look girl you know you got options
Lets get faded
Yeah I still miss you but I'm just too scared to say it
I give a fuck what they saying
Cause ever since I've seen you baby you've been the one
I just might take you to my city, having some fun
You might as well hit up your girls and tell'em to come
Pull up on you, when I pull up on you girl you know what's up
Yeah I pull up skirt then I peel out
I know shit was way different back then
Tell me, tell me how you feel now
Baby lets just keep it real now
Tell me, tell me what the deal now I just want to make it right
Yeah we ain't perfect girl but I'm still down
(I'm still down, I'm still down, yeah,
you know I'm still down for you right,
no matter what the fuck happens,
what I mean, let me talk to'em real quick)
Yeah, don't let these cats ruin your self esteem
Just cause you don't got the shit that they got
You see, right now I'm in Miami where it stay hot
But I used to be that dude sleeping outside hoping the rain stops
Wearing the same clothes for weeks sippin' forties till the pain stops
A nigga like me, I made away with no excuses
They told me not to make no fuckin' friends that shit was useless
So all I got's family dawg, all I got's this music
All I got's my people Yours Truly the fuckin' movement
But, If I lost it all would you still want me?
What if I lost my life when that man shot me?
Flashbacks to the past, nightmares they still haunt me
But, nothing could stop me, nothing could stop me
Yeah, nothing could stop me, nothing could stop me
Yours Truly

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