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Catharsis - text


A yo this life is like a dream I just hope that I never wake made mistakes in the past but I'm trying to set it straight been through hell and back, hope they accept at heavens gates. Sell my soul for a mill that's a deal that I'll never take and I'll never break under pressure I realized how fortunate my life has been so I'm always giving back to the lesser. I'm blessed but the devil's been following on my foot steps surprised my life ain't been took yet misunderstood? Yes! Ask me to explain there's not enough time to show you all the thoughts that I got locked in my mind, listen my heart is as solid as Optomus Prime and my voice is almost as painful as Pac's in his prime and the day I pass away is when the stars will align and the planets collide I see the light screamin' God save my life from the violence I'm just fighting the eyes like a lion yo I fight for my pride that's my people not my ego like a eagle visions far as the skies, like a eagle visions far as the skies they tell me that's the limit but folks already made it to the moon so I'll never stop reachin' till the day I'm in tomb and when you at my funeral dressed in all white pour some liquor out for me smoke session all night cause it's only right I'll be happy to see the light no need to mourn my death just celebrate my life look.

I'm having trouble catching my breath having trouble seeing clearly I've been laughing at death surrounded by wolves, snakes and the vulture's waiting the ultra we dying out and there's no hope in saving the culture but, before it's over it's all gonna' hit you cause you're just sitting on your ass instead of solving your issues all these niggas want your neck and yeah they all gonna' get you we gon' see how far that motherfuckin' talking will get you homies I had to learn the hard way almost lost my life walking down Euclid St. and Broadway wrong time wrong place just thanking God one of them bullets didn't touch me but, I had a couple friends in my life that ain't get so lucky cause 7 month later R2 from S.T.L got stuck outside of school and he died at the age of 12 usually I don't wish pain on a person but I hope the motherfucker who did it rots in a fucking cell! 12 years with so many more to go why'd they have to do it we probably won't ever know it's a never ending cycle been trying not to lose my faith gripping on the Bible it's like death is right behind you but you keep movin' forward you trying to get away but it just keeps getting closer but you fight another day never give up see that's the meaning of life and even when you're down there's always a reason to fight, I said never give up that's the meaning of life and even when you're down there's always a reason to fight and even when you in the darkness yo just think of the light and just make sure they know my name if I stop breathing tonight. YOURS TRULY!

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Video přidala DeathWish

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