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Before It's Over (Thank You) - text


I just wanna get to know myself before my time comes to an end.
If it's possible, maybe share my life with a friend.
Never had nobody love me for the person that I am.
I admit that my mistakes have helped me turn into a man.
And I'm still searching for a plan, face taking me for a ride.
Don't know quite where I'm going,
but destiny's by my side and, yo, regret is nowhere to be seen.
My reality's a fantasy, man I'm living my dreams.

If today was my last day I would write a song to let you know that
I thank you from the bottom of my soul.
You saved my life, I could have been gone a while ago.
Hope my enemies realize what I was standing for.
I swear on my life that I'm spitting the truth.
I make mistakes, I'm a human, I'm no different than you.
Yo, and I just wanna thank the fans for y'all support.
Every time I quit the game y'all help me back up to the court.
And told me, "keep going, keep moving,"
so in return I put my fucking life into this music.
And I just pray that it helps y'all like it helped me.
Even if it's only one person and no one else sees.

Thou who hasn't sin may punish me for my sins,
so before you point at me you better look deep
within your own past and you always said I won't last,
but I never surrounded myself by cats with no class.
Everyone in my circle showed me a part of me,
helped me change for the better and soon you'll probably see
that any situation you can learn from.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, like your first love.

And I was always taught to wait until my turn comes.
Now that it's here I'm getting what I deserve,
I just wish I could go back into time and how it first was.
I never really fully understood the word love.
But it's something I'm certain about is deep inside me.
But I ain't searching for it, I'm just gonna let it find me.
Yeah, it's something I'm certain about, it's deep inside me,
but I ain't searching for it, I'm just gonna let it find me.

Dear Lord, forgive me for my sins and watch over
the ones I love and if I shall pass today,
I hope I'll be remembered by the good that I did rather
than the mistakes that I've made.
I thank you for what I do have,
instead of being ungrateful for what I'm missing.
Now every breath is closer to my last,
that's what makes that breath the fresh air so much more valuable.
In Jesus name my pray, Amen.

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