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Without you (A pearl fansong) - text


worth, it’s something you can earn
it’s something like belonging
but nothing like belonging to
and love is wanting to protect
to fight until you’re wrecked
coming back reformed, reborn, and stronger too

and it’s not easy
it hasn’t been easy
it’s not getting easier
to go on without you

hate, and guilt and grief and rage
I tried but couldn’t save you
from what you were searching for
those things I couldn’t understand
you smiled and held my hand
and that’s the touch I’m hurting for

and it’s not easy
it’s hasn’t been easy
nothing’s been easy
and I’m full of doubt too

and it’s not for me
this world you adored
I am trapped on theses shores
without you

why, I would have followed where you lead
if I could bleed I would have bled
if I could give myself instead
if I could you what he gave you
anything to save you
anything to keep your curiosity at bay
anything to have you
and to hold you
if I could I would have told you
anything, anyone but him

and it’s no surprise I love him, how couldn’t I
and I see you in his eyes, in his wisdom and his kindness
and the way he’s always right
and it’s not easy to realize it’s getting harder all the time
harder to miss you

and it’s not easy
it’s true
but nothing was ever easy
with you

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