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The Spparow (A Hanzo Shimada fansong) - text

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A sharpened sword stuck in my side
fool to think that I could dig it out with arrows
I shot one into God’s left eye
and then no more light hit mine
as the sun set one last time
to the song of the sparrow
A feral beast, more thorn than paw
claws the rooster from his nest, for lest he dare to crow
I’ll aim again to make God blind
lay my pelt upon your shrine, as the sun sets one last time
to the cry of the wolf and the song of the sparrow
the dream of light; a baited cage
to trap me where it waits, in its glare, if dare I go
but to outrun that horizon
would take stronger legs and lungs
and wings, and I have none
since last I saw the setting sun and sung the song of the sparrow
And here again, that stubborn flame
I am immolate with sorrow, his forgiveness is my pyre
and he stokes a fire that burns like shame
and he calls himself your name
says the sun will set the same
and sings the song of the sparrow
so what will I when dawn arrives?
Guide the hand of blinded god, or guard the hen, a loyal hound?
Perhaps a breath, a chance to fly
see the sun rise in your sky
feel the warmth and hear the sound…

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