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The Cricket And The Hamster - text


Said the cricket to the hamster
you looked lonely sitting on your own
so I decided to come join you
because we share a cage, we share a home
Said the hamster to the cricket
I am fine alone, it’s what I choose
but the cricket was persistent
she knew all the tricks and chirps to use

now I’m splitting open like a broken backpack
Sometimes I’m nothing without something to laugh at
But I built a hundred worlds with you
Inside a sleepless cage
and I’m still laughing, ‘cause we’ve barely filled a page

Said the cricket to the hamster
I am so cold, I’m always shivering
She pressed her fingers to her lovers neck
and in a breath removed them grinning
Said the hamster to the cricket
I am not of a romantic mind
I am just a little rodent
and all my love is of a strange, confusing kind

But if you are toppling, like a pin that’s on it’s tip
I’ll be your cushion, stick in me when you start to slip
I believed my twisted thoughts would stay locked up
and never find an ear
But I’m running out of secrets, and it’s barely been a year

and I made secrets
new secrets with you
I’m sorry I bit at our edges just to find something to chew
But buried behind all my in-jokes and injuries, all of my sarcasm too
there is just a silly girl who’s falling in love with you

said the hamster to the cricket
I think sherbert is on sale today
I’ll bring the pixy stix and liquor
if you provide us with a place to stay

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