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Renovation - text


Sitting on the porch, behind the door, under the floor boards
you see ants are digging trenches and you contemplate what for
and you’ve untied your laces just to find a reason not to run
and when the final aglet’s bitten off the ridges of your teeth have dulled

and when you tear your cuticles and chew at all your scars
it’s not to get attention it is just to pass the hours,
cause every minute ants are digging holes in your imagination,
soon the wizards all have alzheimers and every castle’s closed for renovation

Take a breath and wonder if you might’ve breathed it better
you could take a class in lung expansion, blame it on the weather,
no one heard you over all the wind, the others breathing out and in
with such conviction like they’re not afraid to take the oxygen

and never marvel at the heartbeat banging in their ears
when their chests expand like rubber bands so tight around their fears.
but maybe they have none of those so all of that dilation
and contraction feels constructive not indicative of cause for renovation

Everytime you feel like your dramatis personae
isn’t listing anybody but a single fool narrator,
never building towards anything, a tragic one-man circus ring
remember that the story isn’t over till Cecilia sings

and everyone’s a character and all the world’s a stage,
but your spotlight’s a little dimmer than you need to read your page,
so every line’s half memorized and half approximation,
and the opera hall’s collapsing all around you, it could use some renovation

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