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Push (Still Mine) - text


We stand on a balcony, our knives at each-others necks
And I've seen my fair share of war but never before have I not kept my temper in check.
Driving me up all the walls, can't keep it all inside 'cause I tried and I failed every time so, what the hell....
And maybe it's my fault for getting involved with someone who stood back and just watched me fall over myself.

But at least you didn't push me
At least you didn't show up just to break me down yourself
At least you didn't make me, or taunt me or tease me or trick me or
put me through hell
At least you didn't kill me, not this time
I guess that's your little way of saying you're still mine

You're still mine
You're still mine

Today I had you in my sights at least a dozen different times, but I'd hesitate.
The things that you said get spit out of my head all around, by the time I pinned all of them down you'd escape.
Sometimes you'll appear, out of thin air, whisper in my ear, I'll pretend you're not there until you fuss.
Maybe it's your fault for getting involved with somebody so stunted they can't take the brunt of your lust.

But at least I didn't push you
At least I didn't shut you down and make you loose control
At least I didn't leave you, deny you, ignore you or try to
get away at all
At least I didn't kill you, not this time.
I guess that's my little way of saying you're still mine.

You're still mine.
You're still mine......

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