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Your mother loves a man
who took your face and cut your spine
got a baseball bat in hand
to make him pay for your lost time
on the tram I saw a boy,
laughing, lounging and terrified
on the battlefield he picks up his heels
'cause speed's what keeps him alive
on the inside
To your father, you're a curse
how could you let your country down?
And it just kept getting worse
so you bought a van and you ditched that town
On the tram I saw a man,
6'4 and back again
got a scar across his cheek
I wish I knew where he had been
but I just met him on the tram
From your skinny legs, to the smoke on your breath
from the one missing eye, to the bottle of death
From your looming shadow, to your booming roar
to your stern looking friend who survived the war
from your hard hat and goggles, to your shovel and boots
to the woman in the back all quiet and mute
I've seen you before and I'll see you again
You're not quite a stranger but you're not quite a friend
On the tram that day I saw
someone I won't soon forget
what a shock to see them at all
I almost wish we'd never met (x2)
but that's how it is on the tram.

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