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Made of Death (An Aradia Megido Fansong) - text


I found a few spare milliseconds I'm prepared to waste
I've been leaving copies of myself across paradox space

I've been a body with no soul, and a soul in metal, cold.
Please trust in what I tell you. Don't you know that I am made of time?

What a chorus line of corpses we've collected
At least we're good at one thing I suppose
It's nice to feel excited once again
Let's throw the loveliest of human funerals

I used to feel I stood for something, then I just felt fine
I've fallen prey to feeling some emotions that weren't mine

I was never really gone at all, but you believed I was
So, I'm sorry that I left but I've returned to help our cause

In our story I do not narrate, I just fill the margins
With bubbles, circles shapes where we may place our fallen friends

Has it been years or days or has it been a breath?
I may be Maid of Time but I am also Maid of death

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