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Let The Dread Come In (A Solavellan fansong - text


when I was a child sat upon my mother’s knee
by firelight she spoke of rights, and ancient history
and one phrase she repeated though I knew not what it meant
be safe, da'len, young lethallan,

may the dread wolf never catch your scent.

and as I grew I thought I knew the path my life would take
but when the dream broke open, only I was left awake
and then you took my hand and taught me how to turn the key
I held it, how was I to know,

I’d let the wolf catch wind of me?

I took up arms, I lead the charge, some called me prophet, blessed
and by my side you guided, wise and seemingly guileless
but the truth’s not always obvious, not written on the skin
sometimes to let the truth come out,

you have to let the dread come in.

you called me “ma vhenan” and showed me worlds I’d never known
lands of mists and memories, of faded sky and stone
then with words so soft and sad, you left me in that glen
and though you brought me low I know,

I’d let the dread wolf in again.

my love has vanished through the veil so now I’m stark and bare
at night I go to sleep and dream and hope he’ll meet me there
he wandered from the waking world, I know not where he went
but I’d be with my dread wolf now,

if I could only catch his scent.

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